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Freshly Roasted Coffee Since 1979

Mon-Fri 7:45a - 6p | Sat 9a - 5p | 1618 W Main St | Richmond, VA 23220 | 804/355-1955


Green Teas

Green teas are fermented less than black teas, and can be therapeutic to drink hot, as well as refreshing to enjoy cold. Try the Maté for a caffeine-free energy boost, or stick with something basic like the Sencha.

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China Gunpowder
The leaves are hand rolled into a compact pellet that unfolds in your cup with a sweet aroma.
Citron Green
Green tea with a strong flavors of lemon and other citrus.
Gemani Cha
Green tea with roasted rice, very tasty.
Green w/ Jasmine and Lemon
a green tea with dried jasmine flowers and lemon zest
Matcha Green Tea
a finely powdered green tea used in Japanese tea ceremony. Sold in 1oz foil packs
From Argentina, this is an excellent green tea traditionally the drink of choice for Argentinean cowboys.
from Japan
Young Hyson
Made from the long and tightly rolled young leaves, it has a long lasting sweet aroma.
Gift Boxen

Our gift boxes are filled to the brim with deliciousness. They are sure to please the coffee or tea lover in your life. Quick, easy & fun!

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