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Freshly Roasted Coffee Since 1979

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Central American Coffees

Central American coffees are respected as a good stand alone, and many make wonderful blenders for the more acidic beans. Mexico, Guatemala, and Panama chip in with their own unique stylings.

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Decaf Costa Rican
Smooth, lighter coffee with a slightly sweet taste.
Founder's Blend
A blend of three central American coffees.
Guatemala Antigua
Sharp taste with a full body.
Guatemala Peaberry
Peaberries are the smallest bean from the plant; yields a low acid coffee.
Honduran Fair Trade Organic
Shade grown with strong and bold flavor and caramel afternotes.
La Minita Tarrazu
From Costa Rica, has a delicious earthy taste and a light body.
Mexican Pluma Organic
From Mexico, full, smooth body.
Tres Rios
From Costa Rica, has an earthy well rounded flavor and body.
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